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Welcome to Destination Addict – the van life & adventure travel blog created by us, Kelly & Adam.

This blog was born from our love of adventure & continues to be driven by us wanting nothing more than to help & inspire others to explore.

After a year of full-time travel together we returned to our home country, the UK, with the feeling of freedom in our souls, &, both longed for that feeling to remain. It was then that we decided to make adventure part of our every day & so shortly after a new chapter began for us when we packed everything up, into our tiny home on wheels & committed to calling it our permanent home.

For over 18 months we have been living in our campervan, Barnaby, full-time, working & adventuring from wherever we choose.

Here is where we share our van life journey. Our adventures which include a lot of hiking. As well as our travels past & present, focusing on independent & off the beaten track experiences.

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We believe that travel is one of the most enriching gifts in life. Adventure & connecting with nature brings us in touch with our true authentic selves like nothing else. Here are some of our most rewarding experiences to date…

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