Falling In Love In NYC – A Long Way For A Date

I’ve never been one to do things in halves so when the opportunity came up to fly half way across the world, I thought hey, why not?

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Setting A Date

When I was travelling solo in Colombia, I was talking loads with a pretty awesome guy I’d met a few months before back in the UK, at the time he had gone to work a ski season in Whistler, Canada and would be there for at least 6 months.

We made time for Facetime calls & during one of them, when I was sat on my bunk in a hostel on the sweltering Caribbean Coast we started to speak about meeting up before he finished his ski season. I had never been skiing before & although I fancied it I figured Whistler was probably not the best place to learn so we started to think of other places we could go. Then it just popped into my head & out it came “How about New York?” which to my surprise Adam replied “Yeah, that would be awesome!”

So that was that, we were going on, as my sister later put it a long way for a date!

Preparing To Go

I finished my Colombia travels & on an 8 hour time difference over Facetime we started to plan our trip together. We decided on 4 days, booked the same time off work, sorted flights & started to look at hotels.

We ended up booking the most awesome place, The Renwick Hotel just down from Grand Central Station, it was in the perfect location & had a real New York Vibe!

All of my family & friends thought I was a little crazy flying all the way to New York for a date & upon speaking with Adam so did his family & friends – maybe we were but we were still doing it!

The Big Apple

I arrived at JFK airport on a cold February afternoon, I made my way over to the hotel we had booked & had a few hours to wait until Adam’s flight landed at Newark Airport – great, plenty of time to make myself look pretty before he got there!

He arrived a few hours later & even though he had a key still surprised me with a knock on the door, I had complete butterflies by this point & was overjoyed to see him, think he was pretty happy to see me too to be fair!

Over dinner that evening we excitedly started to plan what we wanted to do over the next few days.

Let It Snow

The next morning we woke up, pulled the curtains & it was snowing! We headed over to Central Park after breakfast & it was covered in a huge blanket of the stuff, it was so magical we just couldn’t believe our luck! We strolled through Central Park & went for coffee, we were both so happy to be in such an amazing place, together, it was awesome!

Big City Sights

We packed as much stuff in as we could in the little time we had there, we went up the Empire State building on a beautifully clear day & experienced the most breathtaking views. We also headed over to Ellis Island & of course the Statue of Liberty, walked over the Brooklyn Bridge (which with my fear of bridges was terrifying!), saw Ground Zero, Times Square & Grand Central Station.

The whole time we were there I felt as though I was in a movie, partly because everything looked like a movie set & partly because I was falling in love!

Mi Amore

On our last day, as we had been to China Town the night before we decided that we also wanted to see Little Italy, we headed over in the late afternoon & WOW it was so cool! I loved it!

I had worked summer seasons previously in Italy & absolutely love Italian food, culture & it’s people! We wandered around & found a lovely little restaurant that was packed full of Italian New Yorkers. We had huge, yummy portions of pasta along with a bottle of prosecco & just sat & talked about how amazing the last couple of days had been.

Once we had finished in the restaurant it was dark, we walked up the street & it was all lit up with little lights the colours of the Italian flag – it was again magical, I loved New York & loved being there with Adam!

Afterwards when we were sat in a bar, drinking an Aperol Spritz each Adam came out with “ So are we going official then?” I was over the moon & of course said “Yes!”

Saying Goodbye

The next day it was time to say good to goodbye to each other & prepare for another 3 months apart but this time as boyfriend & girlfriend, it was going to be tough but we both wanted to make it work more than anything!

Adam’s flight was hours before mine from Newark airport so I decided to get the metro over there with him as I had plenty of time to get back to JFK for my flight. Or so I thought….

We said our very emotional goodbyes & off I went on the skytrain to catch the metro across New York City for my flight. The first train took forever & I arrived at Penn station a lot later than expected but still with plenty of time to make it, until that was I was stood on the platform waiting for the metro to JFK & I realised there had been changes to some of the lines!

I asked the lady at the ticket desk for help & she told me to go outside & walk 5 blocks to 31st, I ran all the way in a complete panic & when I got to the metro station she had told me to go to I couldn’t even find the line she had told me to take! Luckily a guy who saw the panic on my face tried to help me but even though he was from New York he couldn’t even tell me what the quickest route to JFK was! He then told me to wait right there, went through the barrier & came back with a policeman who told me which platform to wait on for my re-routed metro, I ran down the stairs & just about caught the metro all thanks to that man stopping to help me!

Going Home

I was a sweaty mess from all of the running by the time I got to the airport, as well as an emotional mess from saying goodbye to Adam but I was also so, so happy – I had fallen in love in NYC & couldn’t wait to see what the future held!

Adam came back from Whistler a few weeks earlier than planned & eventually we started to talk about the future together, we decided that we wanted to do some travelling together & have just started a trip from Toronto & from there will head onto Cuba & through Central America – Keep a close eye on my blog to follow our adventures!


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