Questions & Destinations With Adam

First travel love?

Top travel destination so far?

Top of your travel bucket list?
Galapagos Islands

Favourite activity?

What else do you love?

Favourite cuisine?

What scares you?
To be confirmed….

Favourite book?
Battle Royale          

Best travel accessory?
Go Pro          

One more thing about you…..
I make music too          










Published by Adam
One half of adventure travel couple Destination Addict. I was born & grew up in Cheshire, UK. From a young age I travelled a lot with my family on a mix of sun & ski holidays. We also have a holiday home in North Wales where we spent summers on the beach & exploring the surrounding hills. For me travel is all about freedom & opening my mind to the world. I love new experiences, whether it be exploring a new place, trying a new cuisine or having a interesting conversation with a complete stranger, it's all about putting yourself out there. Adventures are the best soul food for me. My favourites being hiking, cycling & skiing. My other passions in life include my beautiful fiancée, my family & friends, football, tennis, golf and Drum & Bass music which I also DJ & produce. By sharing my passion for life & travel with our readers, I hope to inspire others to get out there & explore too. I really hope you enjoy following our journey.

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