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Travelling as a couple is for us, epic but it is, at times tough too! We have discovered that It’s all about finding your flow, together.

We’ve been travelling together for 8 months in total & have had some of the most amazing experiences but it’s not always smiles & good vibes – it’s also compromise, understanding & support when things are not going so well.

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The Good

Good times & travel just go together, being free to have fun together since January has been incredible for us & our relationship. We have built up such a strong bond, have got to know each other inside out & have loved every second of this side of travelling,

For us certainly & we would think for most other couples that travel together, the reason for doing so is a love of discovering new places, people & things. We also love an adventure & when travelling we are constantly learning, about ourselves & everything around us,  I suppose the way we like to look at it is that we are evolving together.

We’ve done a lot of really cool stuff since January, to name a few here are some of our highlights so far…

  • Cycling Cuba together
  • Going back to school to learn Spanish in Havana
  • Spotting flamingos in the sleepy beach town of Celestún, Mexico
  • Exploring the Mayan ruins of Palenque, Mexico
  • Hiking the mighty Volcán de Acatenango near Antigua, Guatemala
  • Adam learning to dive in Mexico, then seeing a turtle on our first dive together
  • Camping in the rain in Tofino, Vancouver Island & still loving every second of it
  • Exploring the beautiful scenery in & around us in Whistler, British Columbia

So yeah, you could say all in all we are having a pretty awesome time, which we are but it’s not always plain sailing……

The Bad

Anyone that has travelled knows that travel comes with good experiences & bad. From an 8 hour bus journey turning into a 15 hour bus journey in Guatemala, having our laundry stolen in Mexico, narrowly missing a potential robbing by a tuk tuk driver on Lake Atitlan to endless arguments over the cost of anything in Cuba we have certainly had our fair share.

The most important thing we have found for us in these situations is to stick together & not only listen to each other but feel each others instincts too. It may sometimes feel as though one of us is over worrying but at the end of the day if something doesn’t feel right that’s ok, we have learned to trust each other enough to just go with it.

Bad travel experiences are normally followed with a bit of bad mood, for the most part when travelling we are normally on such a high that when something bad happens it makes us come crashing down just that little bit harder. It’s all about just letting the bad feelings flow  as we know they’ll never last for long with so many new & exciting things going on around us.

The Ugly

Being together more or less 24/7, doing everything together means just that, you do everything together. We’ve both had bouts of travel sickness & have had to nurse each other back to health & whilst hanging around your room to check up on the other whilst there’s so much to explore isn’t ideal it’s just something that happens when travelling.

“Hanger” is also a major thing that hits us both, throw a combo of tiredness in for either of us & the tension… ouch! We always travel with snacks to avoid this & make sure we take care of ourselves by getting enough z’s in!

A prime time for a disagreement is if one of us would like to do something & the other is not feeling it, I mean you can do things alone right but sometimes you just want the experience of sharing things with your soul mate. Adam may not look so happy waking up early in this photo but certainly had a smile on his face once he saw those dawn views!

The Balance

For us it is all about the balance & finding your balance together. We find that taking the time not only together to do things but also separately really helps, just having that bit of alone time with a good book or hanging out with people other than each other can really help improve your time together.

Taking a step back to really appreciate us & what we are doing is hard when we’re in it all of the time but we have both come to realise how important reflection & appreciation really is.

Going with the flow & taking things one day at a  time has done wonders for us travelling together & we really love the fact that we have found our travel couple flow!

Published by Kelly
One half of adventure travel couple Destination Addict. I was born & grew up in Bristol, UK & started travelling in my early twenties. I have travelled to over 30 countries & have a real passion for exploring. For me travel is about learning about new places & cultures, meeting new people & really immersing yourself in a place. I prefer to travel slowly as I feel this is the best way to really take everything in. I just love an adventure, my main activities being hiking & cycling with diving & kayaking also a favourite. My other passions in life include my amazing fiancée, my beautiful family & friends, photography, reading, yoga, music & good food. I am a sucker for a sunset & for epic views, The reason I started travel writing is that I want to show others that they can get out there & explore too. I want no more than to pass on some exploration inspiration to our readers & really hope you enjoy following our journey.

2 thoughts on “Travel Life – Travelling As A Couple

  • So glad you reshared this on Twitter! I love the honesty of this piece 🙂 Justin and I took a trip together very early in our relationship and it exposed a lot of good, bad and ugly too, but it also told us it was worth trying to weather all of it together! Love the pics!

    • Thanks so much for reading Lynn, we wanted to convey to everyone that whilst it all looks very romantic there are the non-romantic sides to travelling together too! That being said that’s what we love about it, we are constantly learning new things about each other & ourselves. So great to hear that you guys can relate to it too & that you feel it’s worth it! Here’s to many more years of adventures 🙂

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