Whistler Heli Ski – A True Bucket List Day

Being an avid skier since I was young a Heli Ski was a massive dream of mine, and is pretty much on every skiers and boarders bucket list. If you are thinking about doing one, in my experience, it definitely lives up to the expectation of being as awesome as you would expect it to be!

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Early Morning

Arriving early morning outside the Whistler Heli Ski offices and hearing from the guide that conditions were perfect and looked as though they would hold for the day was music to our ears! As soon as the rest of the team arrived at the offices we headed to our transport to take us out to the heliport located north of  Whistler village towards Pemberton.

After a build of excitement on the way to the heliport we scoped out the possible places we would be going on the huge mountain range map of British Colombia. After a quick brew we were straight into our avalanche training and each given a receiver just in case something happened. Safety is key when taking part in such an activity and I was happy to see that Whistler Heli Ski were taking it seriously!

Next it was lift off and we were headed north-west over the beautiful British Columbian mountains, ski and gear packed on board and Whistler disappearing into the distance out of sight.

First drop off

Once the pilot had landed us safely on our first drop-off (on a mountain literally in the middle of nowhere) everyone was out with their gear, crouched and huddled while the pilot took off again. Once the helicopter had gone I really got a feeling of total unbridled freedom! This was when the excitement kicked in, the first taste of a true Heli Ski!

With no-one else for miles around we really were in the middle of the wilderness, up a mountain, and the only way off was to ski or board down it. It was perfect! With the adrenaline flowing and being careful not get too excited and go too far off the guides lines we carefully followed, trimming through untouched powder all the way down. Stopping once our guide found the next pick-up spot & radioed in.

We did a couple more drop offs and runs before heading to the lunch spot where we met up with another group for a sandwich, soup and a cake right on the Pacific Coast mountain range.

After an amazing morning, lunch and one more run in the afternoon we were done and back to the heliport where our transport was waiting to take us back to the village. A truly epic day and definitely one checked of the bucket list!

As expensive as Heli Skiing is there is nothing quite like it – a truly amazing experience for the advanced or not so advanced skier or boarder. We went with Whistler Heli Ski who were absolutely brilliant, great service, awesome guides and really professional outfit. Highly recommended! You also get the choice to have another run or two more in the afternoon incase you haven’t quite had your fill! All together an amazing day and one I for sure will never forget.

The Whistler Heli Ski offices are located right in Whistler Village in Carlton Lodge just opposite Mexican Corner and Fat Tony’s Pizza.

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Happy adventuring!

Adam & Kelly x

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