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We have a little confession to make…… Recently life has been getting a little hectic for us. In December we returned to the UK after a full year of travel & it hit us, HARD! We’d had grand plans of cycling from the UK to Iran, this August, as well as planning our wedding for next year & getting more & more stuff rolling with Destination Addict & things just got, well, totally on top – to the point where something just had to give! To be completely honest we were at a bit of a loss about where to go with everything next, which is why we made the decision to push our cycling trip back by a full year & escape to the mountains for a while.

2 weeks up in the Scottish Highlands, driving the iconic North Coast 500 has given us both much needed time to re-connect. Re-connect with each other, with our true selves & with nature. The mountains were calling & are we glad we listened because as well as helping us out, whilst on this trip we’ve also come up with an idea that we think is pretty awesome. #3PeaksInAWeek will combine our love of travel, exploration & adventure with fundraising for a cause very close to our hearts & with the help of you guys will be made even more awesome!

Fellow adventurers, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week & for continued awareness of mental health, not just in the UK but all around the world, we’d love you to join in with our challenge this summer, 2018 by taking on your very own #3PeaksInAWeek

Want to know more? Read on for ALL the info….

What Is #3PeaksInAWeek?

It’s exactly what is says on the tin, the challenge of getting to the summit of #3PeaksInAWeek by using your own 2 feet. Hiking, cycling; whatever you choose we’d love for you to join us anytime from NOW until the end of SEPTEMBER 2018 by completing your challenge & sharing it with our #ExplorationInspiration community.

How Do I Join The #ExplorationInspiration Community?

There are a number of ways to join our community & share your #3PeaksInAWeeks achievements with us throughout the summer of 2018. We’ve listed all of them for you below. You can choose one, some or all of the them, it’s entirely up to you!

Via Twitter

Visit @DestAddict for all of our latest tweets on #3PeaksInAWeek – share your own experiences & be in on the latest adventure convo by following & using the #’s #3PeaksInAWeek & #ExplorationInspiration as well as tagging us  @DestAddict

Via Facebook

Join our free group on Facebook right HERE to keep up with the latest from the #ExplorationInspiration Community. Within our group people will share their own #3PeaksInAWeek achievements & offer help & support to each other on anything travel & adventure related – this is an opportunity to come together with like-minded explorers so be sure not to miss out!

Via Instagram

Now we all know that #3PeaksInAWeek is gonna mean one thing – views!! Your beautiful photos are one awesome way to share your peak achievements with the #ExplorationInspiration community this summer- just add your photo to Instagram with the #’s #3PeaksInAWeek & #ExplorationInspiration & be sure to follow these #’s too so that you can keep fully up-to-date with everyone else’s epic pics. There’s also a chance that we’ll feature you on our Instagram Account.

Subscribe To Our Updates

For regular updates from us & monthly news including the latest from the #ExplorationInspiration community simply add your email to our list by clicking HERE.

We promise we won’t bombard you with emails & that everything you receive from us will be travel & adventure related. As we’ll regularly be featuring people from our community (with their permission of course) once you join you might well be starred in our monthly news!

How Do I Take Part In #3PeaksInAWeek?

Between right NOW & 30th SEPTEMBER 2018 the challenge is on for ANYONE who would like to take part! Choose 3 peaks of any height or difficulty & complete all 3 using your own 2 feet within 1 week. It’s that simple, we hope you’ll join us in our challenge!

     Do I have to be super-fit? 

No, the point of this challenge is that you complete it on your terms, on whichever peaks you choose, no matter how big or small as long as it involves 3 summits they can be as strenuous as you like.

     Will I be competing?

Absolutely not, the #ExplorationInspiration community is one of openness, kindness & welcoming to all members, it is in no way meant for competing. The community is there to share your own achievements with for which you will receive support & encouragement & of course you will do the same for others.

How Do I Share My #3PeaksInAWeek Achievement

You can share your personal achievements in a number of ways, some of which are listed above but for clarity we’ll re-confirm it all 😉 ….

Via Twitter – Use both #’s #3PeaksInAWeek & #ExplorationInspiration & tag  @DestAddict telling us about your adventure with pictures if possible!

Via Facebook – If you haven’t already joined the  FREE #ExplorationInspiration community group you can do so HERE. Once you’re in the group please post about your adventure, including details of your route(s) & pictures if possible. The group is also open for discussion pre & post challenge for any questions you may have for the rest of the community so please feel free to chat away at any time! If you post to your personal Facebook account about your challenge we’d love for you to tag DestinationAddict.

Via Instagram – Because it’s all about the views & we know you’re gonna get ’em guys! Post your adventure pics to your Instagram account using #’s #3PeaksInAWeek & #ExplorationInspiration including your own caption & tag us @destinationaddict.

Make Your Own Vlog – Whether you have a YouTube account or not we’ll be more than happy to feature videos of your #3PeaksInAWeek on our YouTube channel. This will probably involve some uploading via DropBox, one to bear in mind if you’d like to share a video. We’d love to feature them on our channel so please email [email protected] & we’ll make it happen! If you have a travel blog / website you’d like to mention in your video we’d love for you to share this too, you could also talk about – why you decided to do it, which peaks you chose & how, how you did it, who you did it with & how amazing it feels to have conquered #3PeaksInAWeek.

Write About Your Experience – Our favourite way to share what we do & we’d love you to too! Give us around 500 words about your #3PeaksInAWeek challenge which could include – why you decided to do it, which peaks you chose & how, how you did it, who you did it with & how amazing it feels to have conquered #3PeaksInAWeek. Please include pictures for us to feature too & if you have a travel blog, website or social media account you’d like us to include we’ll add them into your guest post under the community section of our website. To feature on our website & across our social media channels Email us at [email protected] 

Am I Required To Fundraise To Take Part In #3PeaksInAWeek?

Not at all! You are absolutely not in anyway obliged to fundraise as part of your #3PeaksInAWeek challenge & we’d also like to point out that the reason we want to extend our challenge to include our online community is so that we can all share something amazing this summer 🙂

This idea came about for us originally as we were talking about how we were going to get the fundraising for our delayed cycling trip from the UK to Iran next year kick-started! We have set ourselves a mammoth goal of raising £10,000 for Mental Health Charity Mind, all of which will be going directly to the charity & with hindsight now on our side a target that will take a lot more time to raise than we originally thought. Details of our big challenge can be found HERE.

We’ve decided to start off our fundraising by taking on our #3PeaksInAWeek very soon & have set up a page for donations, all of which will be counted towards our £10k total & will go directly to the charity. If you would like to fundraise with us we can add you to our page as part of our team, you can find the page right HERE.

If & only if you would like to incorporate some fundraising into your #3PeaksInAWeek challenge we’d really appreciate it. If you’d like yo take part & not fundraise then that’s also great! You’ll still be raising awareness for us just by taking part in this challenge which is linked to our fundraising. As well as this you’ll be showing people how incredible travel, exploration, adventure & the outdoors are for you, something which has been directly linked to improving one’s mental well-being.

So there you have it guys – will you join us this summer by taking on your very own #3PeaksInAWeek challenge & promote better mental health? We really hope you will!

Bring on the #explorationInspiration!

Happy adventuring – of course if you have any questions you can let us know in the comments or get in touch via our contact page!

Kelly & Adam x

#3PeaksInAWeek destinationaddict.com



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