Campervan Life – Why We’ve Chosen Freedom

Campervan Life - Why We've Chosen Freedom - Destination Addict

So you may or may not have heard that we’ve recently jumped into campervan life, we’ve taken the plunge & moved into our new van full-time. It’s an idea we’ve had in mind for a while but still, the actual getting on & buying one all came by pretty quickly which may have left some of you wondering what on earth was going on with us!

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Well, now we’re settled into our new pad we’re good & ready to spill the beans…

Campervan Life

Home Sweet Home

After almost 9 months of living with parents & doing a lot of UK travel from there the time came when we really just needed our own space, something which we could call home. Problem was though, neither of us want a home that’s stationary, we ran into the dilemma of still wanting to travel & adventure but also needing ‘a base’ – queue our new campervan, the perfect solution for us, a home that moves!

Short announcement!! We are really chuffed that after putting it to the poll across our social media channels, Barnaby came out as the no.1 name for our new pad – big thanks to the lovely Sarah at Trip Gourmets for the awesome suggestion.

Digital Nomads Work Too

I know this may come as a shock to some of you but we do actually work amongst all of the fun 😉  We have Destination Addict to run & our new business which runs harmoniously alongside our blog & we just really wanted somewhere as our headquarters, a kind of creative space if you like to continue to deliver our hopefully awesome content & exceptional service to our clients. For us, campervan life is the perfect solution, an office & living space that moves, meaning we can continue to do all of the things that we love, within one space, together.


Driving off into the sunset, knowing that campervan life has now started has given us both a feeling of freedom that we have never felt before. If we want to park close to a mountain for an early morning hike then spend our afternoon & evening working, spend the weekend by the lake with our kayak, go to visit family or friends for a few days or head off to another country for a month or 2 we can do it & our work can travel with us. We say this out loud to people & think “how awesome is that” then keep having to pinch ourselves at the realisation that this dream of ours really has come true.


Our favourite thing in the whole world is to adventure together, when we returned to the UK after a year of full-time travel we were flabbergasted by the questions we were asked, such as “you’ve done your travelling now, when are you going to settle?” & “when are you coming back to the real world?” but travelling & adventure are our world & that was our drive to make it become our permanent reality. We are so happy that we can say that all of our hard work & determination has paid off & we are now living the life that we choose.

Campervan Life – Now & Next

At the moment we are in North Wales, parked up whilst Adam does some more festival work, after this we have a little jaunt down to Somerset planned & will be spending the whole of next month (October) in London, from which we can’t wait to do some more blogging. After that who knows, we’ve not even decided ourselves yet, that’s the fun thing about living in this way, we can be as spontaneous as we like!

We do know that we’ll still be taking on our cycling challenge to Iran next year which we are really excited about but in the meantime we’ll be enjoying every minute in Barnaby & will be sure to share loads more on Campervan life very soon…

Thanks so much for following along!

Kelly & Adam Xx

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Life by the ocean ? #vanlife has been treating us pretty well so far, with one of our first stops being just a stones throw from this stunning stretch of sand ? Evening sunset walks are something we’re gonna quickly get happily acquainted with, that’s for sure ❤️ Any tips for us newbie camper vanners / RVers would be HUGELY appreciate so please do drop them in the comments for us ? Also we’re after some help in naming our new home, head up to our story to give us your view on what you think our adventure buddy should be called… • • • • • #motorhomelife #rvliving #letsrv #lifeontheroad #freedomchasers #freedomseekers #lifeofadventure #adventureseekers #adventuresforever #adventuresforthesoul #feedyoursoul #exploremore #outdoorliving #outdoorcollective #northwalestagram #northwalescoast #visitnorthwales #walesonline #walesadventure #uktravel #photosofbritain #ukbloggers #travelbloggers #travelbloggercouple #inspiredtravel #travelislife #travelon #explorationinspiration #destinationaddict

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8 thoughts on “Campervan Life – Why We’ve Chosen Freedom

  1. Matthias Verstrynge says:

    Hi Kelly & Adam, this is sooo cool!
    Really glad for you guys, hope you can make lots of adventures with the new ride.

    We are also searching for this kind of lifestyle, hopefully we can make this happen.

    Looking forward to see more blogs from you!


    • Kelly says:

      Hi Matthias,

      Thank you so much, we are looking forward to lots of adventures & to sharing them.

      We really hope you can make this happen & if you have any questions or need any advice at all please contact us as we’ll be more than happy to help ?

  2. Vegard Brandt Slevigen says:

    Lovely to read about your lifestyle & travels! ? My girlfriend & myself are also in the search for a suitable vehicle to make our home. Just recently I’ve created a blog, where I’ll share everything we’re up to concerning the campervan-project. Anyway, I’ll follow you closely for inspiration & entertainment. ?

  3. Mark Hobbs says:

    I love it. We are at a different stage of life – nearer to retirement than not – our kids having left for college. So we actively looking to sell our home and downsize to an RV. Sadly we have a few more years of work (hopefully no more than 4) before becoming nomadic. Although I am on the older spectrum I am fairly tech savvy having been a tech person all my life so I would love to create some income and have a digital business. I have given myself a while to work out what this might look like – if doesn’t work we’ll be living off our savings!

    We’re from the UK originally and have been here in the US for a while. Perhaps we could do a motorhome exchange! Ours is a bit larger and drinks fuel – that said petrol is cheaper here.

    • Kelly says:

      Thank you! That’s awesome that you guys are planning to be on the road full-time & great that you are tech savvy as there are so many options out there for a digital business. Love that you are thinking it through & have given yourself the time & most importantly headspace to figure it all out! Are you guys on social media too? Would love to get connected!

      A motorhome exchange sounds like a great idea & yes petrol is certainly a lot cheaper, which helps with all of those miles to cover 🙂

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