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Maps.Me – Why It’s Our Favourite Travel App

Destination Addict - Hiking the High Note Trail in Whistler, BC, Canada

If you’ve read our previous posts you may have gathered by now that we bang on a bit about a little app called MAPS.ME! MAPS.ME this & MAPS.ME that! We use it a lot, we think it’s awesome & we just wanted to let you all know why!…… Note from the author: This article has been […]

Planning A Trip To Cuba? – Things To Know Before You Go

Destination Addict - Planning A Trip To Cuba - Things To Know Before You Go

Cuba Cuba is a country that is steeped in culture with a complex but fascinating history. Being very much cut off from the world for a number of years has preserved this country like no other, travelling here really is like stepping into a time machine & hitting the “go back 50 years” button! Whilst […]