Destination Guatemala

Destination Guatemala


Volcano clad lakes, old cities with beautiful architecture, endless mountains & hairy rides on the infamous “chicken bus” Guatemala is quite the adventure!

From going back to the countries Mayan roots by visited ruins in the jungle or looking at the people all around you still in traditional dress after all these years, it all shows you just how deep the country’s history runs. This history, although very complicated is fascinating & at times saddening to learn of.

Embracing yourself in this interesting country will open your mind culturally & will reward you with some of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever set eyes on!

Our Guatemala Factsheet

Days Spent:  18

Places we Visited: Lake Atitlan, Antigua, Flores, Tikal.

Our Highlight: Hiking up to the mighty Volcan de Actenango.

Our top hack: You don’t have to pay for tours to do everything, it’s possible to go off & do things alone, as long as you are taking the necessary precautions doing things without a guide could be an even better experience than with one.

Fun Fact: Blue denim comes from Guatemala!

Our Experience

We spent time staying in a treehouse & hiking the mountains around & exploring Lake Atitlan by kayak as well as visiting a chocolate shaman for a very unique spiritual experience! We were in Antigua for the run up to Easter & felt privileged to witness some spectacular parades & then challenged ourselves with a hike up to the mighty “Volcan de Actenango”. We then made our way over Flores from where we visited the impressive jungle encompassed ruins of Tikal.

We took a lot in whilst we were there & certainly had a varied experience of Guatemala. We left feeling amazed by its scenery & with our minds & eyes opened by learning of its history & culture.

Guatemala Blogs

Destination Addict - Lake Atitlan

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Guatemala was next on our itinerary after spending a month in Mexico. We were excited to learn even more about the Mayan influences, learn about their culture and were really looking forward to sampling some of Guatemala's cuisine. Out biggest draw to Guatemala though was the landscape; mountains, volcanoes and ...
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Mayan ruins are found everywhere throughout Guatemala & Mexico

Flores, Guatemala to Chetumal, Mexico Border Crossing – Via Belize

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We left the sleepy town of Flores in the early morning at 7:00 am to make the journey from Guatemala, through Belize & all the way to Mexico, 3 countries in one day was a first for both of us. We found it hard to find much information beforehand on ...
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Destination Addict - The jungle clad ruins of Tikal, Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Flores & Tikal – How To Visit Guatemala’s Top Mayan Ruins

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Completely & utterly encompassed by their environment, the ruins of Tikal are a must on anyone's Guatemala itinerary. We opted for a sunset tour of the ruins, a magical time to visit when the jungle around us was starting to sleep for the night & the resident howler monkeys were happily ...
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Destination Addict - The mighty Volcan de Acatenango, Antigua, Guatemala

Why You Should Hike Volcan de Acatenango – Antigua, Guatemala

Volcan de Acatenango was definitely the highlight of our Guatemala trip. Hiking up to a dormant volcano that is still peacefully puffing away to watch the sunrise, with views for miles was just completely magical. We came away from this hike feeling amazed, accomplished & exhausted but loved every second ...
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Destination Addict - Volcanoes & colonial architecture in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala – Our Top Picks

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The charming old town of Antigua with its colonial style buildings & cobbled streets is like something straight out of a story book. There is not a building more than 2 stories high & everywhere you look there is colour & culture. A UNESCO world heritage site, beautifully restored to ...
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Destination Addict - Misty views over the magical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Mystical Lake Atitlan – Our Top Things To Do In San Pedro La Laguna

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A visit to the magical Lake Atitlan is a must when in Guatemala, we chose the village of San Pedro La Laguna to stay at whilst we were there opting to stay out of town a little, for a quieter more relaxed vibe. Sitting right at the foot of the ...
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Destination Addict - Views from the Indian nose viewpoint, Lake Aitilan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Hiking – The Indian Nose After Sunrise

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It all started with a drunken conversation amongst 8 of us in a hostel bar overlooking the magical Lake Atitlan, we're not sure if it was the happy hour beers or the beautiful scenery that had gone to our heads but we agreed that we would all wake up the ...
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Destination Addict - Tree house living on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Airbnb ‘in it – Tree House Living On Lake Atitlan

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We normally use a few different resources when booking accommodation & check all of them before making a decision on where we are going to stay. For us, as a couple, we find that it can sometimes be much better value to book private accommodation through Airbnb when you weigh up ...
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Destination Addict - One of our first views of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Mexico to Guatemala Border Crossing – San Cristobal De Las Casas to Lake Atitlán

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There are a number of transport options but we decided to take the shuttle bus to cross from Mexico into Guatemala using the Ciudad Cuauhtémoc to La Mesilla crossing. We've tried to keep this short & simple for anyone looking to do the same. Here are the details of how ...
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