Destination Mexico


Mexico is a diverse, vibrant & beautiful country with just so much to explore! It’s a country where old meets new, where ancient culture still exists & has been carried right the way through to the modern culture that Mexico is today – a culture full of colour, art & one that has a long & complicated history but has still manages to have a permanent smile on its face.

Mexico is not only diverse in culture but in landscape too – cities, mountains, beaches, small sleepy towns, you really will be spoilt for choice!

Our Factsheet

Days Spent: 37

Places In Mexico Visited: Campeche, Cancún, Celestún, Mahahual, Mérida, Palenque, San Cristóbal de las Casas,Tulum.

Our Highlight: Visiting the Mayan Ruins of Palenque.

Our Top Hack: Always be cautious when travelling but also remember to relax, some countries such as Mexico have a bad rep on the safety front & whilst this rep comes with some fact in Mexico’s case that’s not to say that everywhere you go & everyone you run into should scream danger. Relaxing & taking things one step at a time will enable you to enjoy this amazing country for what it really is.

Fun Fact: Mexico introduced chocolate, corn & chillies to the world.

Our Experience

From spending our days lazing on beaches & sipping cocktails on the Costa Maya to exploring jungle clad Mayan ruins and then experiencing art & culture in cities such as MĂ©rida & Campeche to then spending time in the mountains getting to know Mexico’s deep connection to its Mayan roots, we really did have an all round experience of this stunning country.

Everywhere we turned in Mexico there was a new surprise waiting for us, whether it be a detail in one of the colourful buildings, a taste from its delicious & hugely varied cuisine or learning another fascinating fact about its history. We were constantly amazed & got well & truly addicted to the its positive vibe!

Mexico is one of our travel highlights, we found ourselves astonished by its beauty & absolutely blown away by the warmth & friendliness of its people.