Digital Nomad Life – Working & Living In A Motorhome Full-Time

Digital Nomad Life – Working & Living In A Motorhome Full Time

Life As Digital Nomads

It has been 6 months since we moved into our Motorhome full-time. We’ve adopted true digital nomad life, working & travelling through the UK, France & Northern Spain & yes, we’re still loving it! After starting up our online business The Green Thread back in 2018 alongside our adventure travel blog Destination Addict & deciding to leave the UK & travel through Europe, we really just threw ourselves into working & living remotely. It has been an unbelievable amount of fun, a learning curve but also a start of an inspired new way of living for us.

The opportunity to travel through Europe in a campervan & have the chance to visit all of these beautiful countries at a slow pace has always been a dream for both of us. So with our online business starting to take off at the end of 2018 the decision to leave the UK for the foreseeable future was a big one but looking back, we are so happy we have committed to full-time van life. Having the freedom to pinpoint on a map where you would like to go & being able to make that happen the very same day, is nothing short of amazing.

Another big advantage of leaving the UK & travelling into Europe has been our reduced monthly outgoings. Not just campsites & fuel being less expensive but our day to day spending such as groceries & general cost of living have also been reduced massively. We recorded all of our spends when travelling through France for a month which includes everything from fuel to groceries.

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Digital Nomad Living & Working In a Tiny Home

Living & working in small space that moves has huge advantages but has also brought changes that we have both had to adapt to compared to living in a house or apartment.

Off Grid – Charging Laptops / Phones

The biggest problem for us at the start was keeping the laptops charged when we were living off grid & moving from place to place. We have a solar panel fitted to the top of the motorhome which keeps our leisure battery topped up day-to-day. In the winter even with an inverter, it surges the battery too much to keep the laptops & phones charged enough to be sustainable for working remotely.

We have now found our balance a lot better with staying on campsites for the majority which takes away the need of electric when we are off grid then still adventuring, hiking & exploring on days off.

Campsite Vs Off Grid

Staying on a campsite does have its advantages & takes away a lot of things that you need to think about that take time when you are off-grid especially when you have to work as well. Such as having power to charge the laptops, an area to call yours for a short while or even toilets & shower facilities. Which takes away the need to empty your waste water or toilet every couple of days & all saves time in the long run.

After the first few months we managed to find a good balance for our new nomadic life between work & travel. As mentioned staying on campsites for most of the time with taking days off to visit places, adventuring & all still being sustainable for work and running a business. We can last 2-3 days off-grid without electric and services being able to work & function as normal. Then due to work commitments & needing to charge the laptops we pinpoint a campsiteaire de service to stop again to get some work done.

We have found campsites / aire de services with electric across France & Northern Spain to range in price from anywhere from €15 to €3! Each is different from the next but all findable using our trusty Campercontact and Park4night apps. Below is one of our favourite places we have stopped & worked for a while, living in a motorhome during the winter is definitely an eye opener but at the same time so cosy!

Benefits Of Living In A Small Space

Our motorhome although being a small space inside has really opened up our way of living and has drawn our attention to new things that we have possibly overlooked before in everyday life.

Food wastage: In our 6 months of van life so far we have not wasted any food at all, having a small space to store food really makes you think about what you are buying and what you are eating for the next week or so. As in the past compared to living in a house or apartment I know we were both guilty every now & again of forgetting what we had to use up then having to throw it away just simply because we bought a lot more food as we had the space to store it.

Minimalist living: Getting rid of about 80% of our belongings before we left for nomad life on the open road has in hindsight been very soul cleansing. With each of us used to having an array of clothes and accumulated ‘stuff’ that we just didn’t use. Everything we have in the motorhome now is functional & geared solely toward working nomad life and our adventure lifestyle on the road. A book we have read since then called ‘Stuffocation’ outlines living more with less, and touches on some great issues in the world today. We would highly recommend this great read.

Appreciating the small things more : Stripping back even just some necessities such as having constant running water and electricity all the time and not having to deal with your own waste every few days has really made us appreciate the small things a lot more. You begin to realise how privileged most of us are and take everyday necessities for granted.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Van life goes hand in hand with the outdoor lifestyle & as well as having all the mod cons & comforts of a home in a small space we have found we spend a lot more time outside. With anything from having bbq’s going for walks & hikes, watching sunsets (or sunrises), star gazing, playing ball games, chilling in the sun or checking out the local points of interest or historic sites in the new towns & villages we visit.

You can check out our highlights through West Coast France & Northern Spain here —>

Digital Nomad Life – Working & Technology Issues

Our online business & blog has been running smoothly alongside our nomad lifestyle & with ever advancing technology working has never been so accessible to connect with clients and other bloggers all over the world. Using online such tools as Zoom, Zoho, Clockify, Wunderlist and Buffer to name but a few, the digital world is allowing us to work and give birth to a totally new way of living life as digital nomads no matter where on the planet you are.

Internet connectivity has not been a problem since travelling through France & Northern Spain. We mostly hotspot of our phones, use campsite Wifi or travel to work in coffee shops. Wifi is becoming increasingly available in most campsites, cafes, restaurants or libraries even in the more rural towns in Europe. Not to mention co-working spaces in cities & towns popping up everywhere & more & more people working from home. In the next few years there could be a huge shift in the way people work not just in motorhomes or campers but with both travel and work going hand in hand.

For us working in the van, heading to a coffee shop, library, restaurant or co-working space for the day is very refreshing as you choose your office!

Digital Nomad & Van Life Communities

Since immersing ourselves in full-time van life & working on the road we have the come across some great campervan, motorhome & van life groups such as motorhome adventures all sharing the same love of nomadic travel in many different age ranges & locations across the world. The groups being great places to share tips & stories from nomad life on the road to looking for recommendations for places to stop & technical help for motorhomes or campers.

Being a digital nomad is becoming a popular culture with growing communities such as Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads, Digital Nomads Around The World & Female Digital Nomads. From bloggers, virtual assistants to people creating online stores, selling their own products, artwork or jewelry. The possibilities are ever-increasing, with more and more options to work and live on the move.

Nomad Travel = Life Of Adventure

For us living in a motorhome full time has truly molded around our travel & adventure lifestyle. Being able to visit amazing places on our bucket list & also picking up recommendations from people we meet along the way is an amazing way to travel, work & live. Digital nomad life in our motorhome is something that has become the norm for us, travelling from place to place enjoying new foods, the mountains, sea & sun which all makes working long hours just that little bit better & with an added bonus of the odd lunch break on the beach!

We hope you have enjoyed our post on our Digital Nomad Life – Working & living in a motorhome full-time! Let us know if we have inspired you or if you have any questions below!

You can check out the rest of our van life posts here.

Happy Adventuring!

Adam & Kelly x

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