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Digital Nomad Tools & Resources That We Love

Living as full-time digital nomads, working on the road & having built our successful online business up from scratch, here is where we have grouped together our key resources & digital nomad tools that remain invaluable for us. We use & highly recommend everything here for working online with clients, content creation, & running a digital business.

If you didn’t already know, our other businesses (as well as Destination Addict) are The Green Thread – Website Services, Social Media & Coaching, Nature Threads – Natural & Sustainable Clothing & digital coaching to help creatives with running their own business online through SoulMadic. 

Note from the author: This pages contains affiliate links to products, services & tools that we make commission from. This commission helps cover the costs of running this website & will be at no extra cost to you. Anything that we recommend is from our personal experience & belief that it is worth using. 

Websites – Digital Nomad Tools

SiteGround Hosting

We love these guys! At the base of any website is the hosting. Based in the UK with server capability worldwide, SiteGround are at the forefront of WordPress web hosting with some great & affordable packages to host your website or new store on. Their interface is super intuitive making it really easy to use & their support team are awesome!

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Updraft Plus

Having a back up of your website & all your hard work is a necessity. With updraft plus you can have daily back-ups that are not only backed up on your server but to a separate location eg. Dropbox as well. Sleep safe in the knowledge that everything is safe & sound in multiple locations.

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With website SEO being so important this affordable keyword research tool is one of the first tools we use whenever we are creating a new piece of blog content or researching for a client. With a keyword rank tracker for your website & many other great features we highly recommend Keysearch! Get 20% off with our unique discount code —> KSDISC

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Envato Market

Like the way our website looks? That has a lot to do with our theme. It’s called Flatsome & it’s available on Envato Market. With over 48,000 website templates & other WordPress themes as well as a multitude of digital & software tools for online marketing we would recommend checking these guys out for anything related to your website.

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Photography And Social Media Tools


Photography is at the heart of pretty much everything we do in terms of content creation & editing. Photoshop & Lightroom are two tools that we could definitely not live without. They are a must in our digital nomad tool kit. 

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Pinterest can be a massive traffic driver to your website, with Tailwind app the pin scheduling tool you can schedule pins for days in advance to multiple boards, loop your best pins, & even add your pins to ‘Tribes’ where other content creators can find your pins to pin onto Pinterest themselves. Keeping your content fresh, driving a measurable amount of traffic you your website, products or blogs. We can’t recommend this tool enough!

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Keeping on top of your social media can be a never ending job. We use Buffer to help us schedule social media posts for a continuous social media presence & content delivery onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. As digital nomads always on the move this helps us worry less about posting to our social media & allows us to focus our energy where we choose.

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Want to create beautifully designed content for social media & websites? We use Canva which gives us the edge in keeping content fresh, engaging & unique for us & for our clients also. Free but with the chance to upgrade for a small amount per month for great extra features. As a graphic design platform we would definitely say Canva is a must have piece of kit.

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Business Resources For Digital Nomads


Looking for a workflow or project board that is visual, easy to use & versatile? Try Trello out, we can’t get enough of this this list making, intuitive tool that’s not only great for small task logging but also amazing to work with clients on too – with it’s multi-user capabilities, it’s free & we would recommend signing up now!

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Logging in & out & remembering the passwords of every social media account, website or online tool you have can be very tiring – especially when you run a online business. We use Dashlane – a password management software which keeps all of our passwords safe & automatically logs us in every time we visit a website or social media account. This is also great to use with clients as they can send you passwords securely – pretty cool hey?!

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Because getting organised is a must! For us getting everything out of our heads & into this amazing project management tool allows us to keep track of all that we do, including time critical tasks via one big calendar view. This means more time for creation & a better focus on deadlines, rather than skipping from task to task in an un-strategic way. Feeling overwhelmed with tasks? Get Teamwork.

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This online storage tool takes the headache out of worrying about space on your laptop especially if you deal with high volume files or video content. A great way to share files & store important documents- keep everything safe & accessible from anywhere over the internet. Dropbox is also a great way to share files with clients & send files to others with an easy download link.

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Having an online business & a worldwide audience / client base can mean receiving payments in different currencies. Our borderless business bank account with Transferwise has allowed us to receive multiple currencies with no set-up costs & minimal fees. With separate banking details for each currency this makes it a lot easier for your clients to send you money in their native currency, hassle free.

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Policy Bee

Business insurance gives both you & your client’s peace of mind. We use Policy Bee who are great & have tailored our insurance to fit our online business. Having your insurance policy with Policy Bee also means 20% off at! See next door for more info on

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From stickers to business cards these guys are our go-to for all our business stationary & marketing gear. All customisable & high quality we have never been disappointed receiving our business cards or stickers from Get 25% off of your first order by clicking through from our button below!

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Money movements are very important within a business & since we have invested in Xero our accounts have become a lot clear & easier to understand. Xero can be connected to all of your business bank accounts & helps massively with cashflow.

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Resources & Digital Nomad Tools That We Love

We hope you have found our digital nomad tools useful & discovered some resources to rock your online business! These are all online tools that we use every day, all of which have help us massively in building our online business.

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