Exploration Inspiration – Why We Love Cycling

Destination Addict - Exploration Inspiration - Why We Love Cycling

After fulfilling a travel dream of mine by Cycling in Cuba 400km from Havana all the way down to Trinidad we have both decided that cycling is definitely one of our things! If you don’t already know we both love an adventure & we have discovered that having your own two wheels is a great way to get out there! We certainly get a lot of exploration inspiration from planning & heading out on a cycling adventure whether it be just a few km’s down the road all the way to a multi-day exploration!

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Cycling Exploration Inspiration

The Open Road

When the wind is blowing through your hair & there’s nothing but open road in front of you all sounds a little cliché but damn it’s so true!I mean don’t get me wrong having a big open road right in front of you can seem like it’s never going to end but it also brings with it such an amazing feeling; pedalling along on your bike with just you & the road brings you into the present moment like nothing else either of us have ever experienced, it’s such a fantastic feeling!

The Freedom

Getting yourself from place to place on your bicycle brings such a sense of freedom. We love that you can stop whenever you like, to take a look at whatever you like because it’s completely & utterly down to what we feel like doing. When we were cycling in Cuba it gave us the opportunity to take things in from a total different angle, if we loved  where we’d chosen to stop we could stay for more & if not, we could just get on our bikes & move onto the next place!

Changes The Way You See

Getting off the beaten track was something we certainly did a lot when we were cycling in Cuba. We found we saw much more of the real Cuba & made close connections with people who were so open & friendly even if at times they were slightly flabbergasted by two foreigners rocking up in the middle of nowhere. You can also literally see so much more when cycling than by car or by bus, we found that we took everything in that was around us & had time to truly appreciate our surroundings. Exploration inspiration is for us as much about the people you meet and the new experiences you have just as much as the adventure itself!

The Challenge

We love to challenge ourselves & cycling does just that, getting through those tough inclines & cycling against the wind we had a few moments where we really had to help to push each other on. At times when we have been cycling it felt as though we were pedalling & getting nowhere but pushing through it & challenging ourselves brought with it such a huge sense of reward & achievement, it was just incredible! So much so that we want more! Read all about our next cycling adventure that we have planned right HERE.

Happy cycling exploration inspiration!

Kelly & Adam x

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