Exploration Inspiration – Why We Love To Hike

Destination Addict - Exploration Inspiration - Why We Love To HIke

So, in case you haven’t guessed by now, we love to hike!

I mean, sweeping landscapes, beautiful trails & tons of fresh, fresh air, what’s not to love?!

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Awaken The Senses

Being outdoors for long periods of time just opens up all of your senses. We find ourselves breathing more deeply, seeing more clearly & just taking everything in at a different pace than we normally do.

We have found it give us the opportunity to notice even the smallest details in what is going on around us. From a tiny insect scurrying past us to a bright flower growing randomly in a field of green, these are things that maybe during every day life we would not always stop & take the time to appreciate as much as we do when we are hiking.


Existing for a short while, completely at one with nature gives us time to truly reflect & disconnect. Being encompassed in a huge natural environment, we have both said kind of puts you in your place a little & makes you realise how significant nature really is.

It also give us all important time away from work, the internet, other people & all of the hustle & bustle of every day life.

The Challenge

Every new hike brings with it a different challenge, whether it be a big incline gain, a long distance or trying to push through when energy levels are running low, we are always pushing boundaries together.

We both feel that challenging yourself & taking on new things is an integral part of life & hiking is one of those things that not only strengthens us as but makes us feel that we are helping ourselves to grow & develop that little bit more.

The Reward

There is no other feeling quite like sitting atop a mountain you have just climbed; for us the views are the ultimate reward.

Hiking uphill for long periods of time with sometimes all of our overnight stuff on our backs is tough but when we get to the top & take in that view it is just so worth it.

Standing there staring out at the stunning vista we have just taken so much effort to get to with our own two feet is a pretty darn incredible feeling & one that we would recommend to anyone!

The Best Soul Food

After spending a day, or two or even more outdoors we always find ourselves totally recharged. For us the best hiking experiences have been when we have also camped overnight. Arriving somewhere, watching the sunset, cooking over a stove or camp fire, gazing at the stars when it’s dark & in the morning waking up for sunrise is such an epic way to feed your soul.

How About You?

Do you love to hike too? Are you thinking of getting out there to explore a bit more & have any questions on how to do it? Whatever your view we would love to hear so please leave us a comment below.

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Kelly & Adam 🙂

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