Italian Birthday Surprise – An Epic Getaway!

Destination Addict - Italian Birthday Surpise - An Epc Getaway

I have always loved surprises but this one has to be down in the mother of all of them in my history books.

It was just EPIC! ……..

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I was sat in a cafe with my boyfriend Adam the week before my Birthday discussing our plans to go down to Wales the following weekend to celebrate when he said “We’re not going to Wales!” Whaaattttt?!!!! Where were we going then? It’s a surprise he answered!

Oooohhhhh how I do love surprises!

Departure Time

After various small clues throughout the week, mainly to help me with what to pack I was still none the wiser at to where we were going!

We arrived at Manchester Airport when he told me the time of the flight, I took at look at the departures board, there were about 4 flights going at 13:35 – Paris, no, Dublin, no, Milan, yes! Oh my gosh we were going to Italy, the country that I had worked in for 6 summer seasons & missed so much & not only that we were off to Lake Garda which was exactly where I had worked – This was the best surprise ever!!

Lago Di Garda

I was still super excited on the drive from Milan Bergamo airport to Lake Garda, I had not worked there with Adam & he had not been there himself so I was listing off all of the amazing places I knew of that we could go to!

Arriving back in Lake Garda after 2 ½ years was incredible, we drove down into Salo a stunning town with a huge lakeside promenade which was literally a 5 minute drive from where I used to work – I got so teary on the drive in, Adam had brought me back to the place that I truly love, even though I had worked there with my ex-boyfriend he still wanted to experience this amazing place with me!

Mi Amora Dimora

It was dark by the time we arrived at the lake, Adam had booked a place just up the mountain above the Gardone Riveria – I didn’t know the name of it but roughly knew the location so we started the drive up there, after about 4 times of driving past it & back again we finally arrived at Dimora Bolsone – WOW!

I could not believe how beautiful the place was, it was a restored old farm-house with views over the entire lake, even in the dark it was breathtaking!

We sat & had dinner, which was all completely home cooked & absolutely delicious. Adam, never having been to Italy before had the biggest smile on his face after tasting Italian food, “How do they make Gnocchi taste so good?” he asked! Our hostess was fantastic & was able to recommend the best local wines to go with our food as well as talking to us about Dimora Bolsone & it’s grounds, they grew mostly everything themselves & made their own Limoncello, Olive Oil & even soap. It was a really special place!

After dinner we sat & watched a lightning storm over the lake, I had seen a few when working there but none with a view like this, it was magical!

Doing The Tourist Thing

Working & living somewhere & going somewhere as a tourist is a totally different feeling & I was so happy to just be able to do the tourist thing on Lake Garda without having to think about work!

We woke up when we wanted every morning & sat on the terrace of Dimora Bolsone, eating their local produce for breakfast & taking in the stunning lake views – what a way to start the day!

Over the 3 days we were there we took a day to drive around the lake, stopping off at all of my favourite lakeside spots. We lazed on the beach one day, taking a stroll down the lake front to the harbour of Porto Torchio my favourite place for a sunset Aperol Spritz. We went up to Rocca Manerba for even more stunning views of the whole lake. We strolled down Salo’s promenade & every day dined in true Italian style!

Time To Leave

I had the best few days & this really was the best birthday surprise ever! I was literally blown away by Adam putting in so much effort to make my birthday so spectacular, I really am one very lucky girl!

Lake Garda is one very special place to me, somewhere that I will continue to visit for the rest of my life. I would recommend anyone thinking of a relaxing break with stunning scenery, mostly great weather (season dependent) & delicious food to go here – Also not forgetting to give the magical Dimora Bolsone a visit!


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