Lake Atitlan Hiking – The Indian Nose After Sunrise

Indian Nose hike, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

It all started with a drunken conversation amongst 8 of us in a hostel bar overlooking the magical Lake Atitlan, we’re not sure if it was the happy hour beers or the beautiful scenery that had gone to our heads but we agreed that we would all wake up the next morning, at the crack of dawn to go Lake Atitlan Hiking together.

There were five of us that actually made it to meet at 6 in the morning which we were actually all quite surprised at. We all had snacks & water that we had purchased the day before so with sore heads we set off to tackle the Indian Nose, a hike that rated difficult but rumoured to have spectacular views of Lake Atitlan & its volcanoes.

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Indian Nose Hike

San Pedro to San Juan La Laguna

Starting in San Pedro, the village we were all staying in we took the road to the small village of San Juan La Laguna, it was a perfect morning temperature with the sun just having come up & a few people around just starting out their day.

We all chatted away on the walk there about how we amazed we were that we’d actually all made it & once we arrived in the small village of San Juan La Laguna we stopped for a coffee to fuel us for the journey.

Accessing The Hiking Trail

From the village of San Juan we followed the road that ran right up the back of town & follow it straight up the mountain to reach the Indian Nose viewpoint. We had read that there were various access points where you had to pay a fee to get to the viewpoint but this was not one of them, we walked straight up past some local village kids who stopped for a laugh & a giggle at 5 tall, very pale foreigners smothering themselves in sun cream & after around 10 minutes we reached the start of the trail.

As usual we used the app MAPS.ME to navigate so we were sure that we were on the right track, we had heard some horror stories beforehand about machete yielding farmers approaching tourists so we wanted to ensure that we didn’t just wander in to the middle of someone’s field.

Passing a couple of these farmers shortly after who had nothing  but smiles & waves for us relaxed us all a little, it was so nice to get away from the backpacker bubble of San Marcos & out in the Guatemalan countryside just witnessing people go about their day-to-day lives.

The Climb

It started to get pretty steep & pretty hot, pretty quickly. The happy chattering amongst us died off & turned more into hung over moans of “can we stop for more water?” or “how much further to the top?!” After around 2 hours of walking up hill we made it to the ridge that was to lead right over to the viewpoint we were aiming for.

The views were starting to get spectacular by this point with the  sun starting to sit high in the sky & more machete yielding farmers working in the fields, each of which stopped what they were doing & called out a friendly “Buenos Dias!”

Everyone in the group was in very high spirits by this point, we had done the hard part & it seemed pretty plain sailing from here. The chatting amongst us had resumed, mainly about what we were going to eat for lunch when we had finished our hike, pretty standard hiking talk for Adam & I so we were delighted that we had found such like-minded friends!

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