We’re Kelly & Adam

A couple from the UK who live in our motorhome, Barnaby, working & adventuring from wherever we choose.

Being a full-time adventure couple means that we live pretty alternatively. Our lifestyle is not for everybody but we love it & we want nothing more than to help & inspire others who are looking to

live life on their terms.

Adventure Couple - Kelly & Adam with our campervan Barnaby

Deciding to pack up our lives, into our tiny home on wheels &

hit the road

has changed the way that we live & the way that we view the world completly.

We believe in 

dancing to the rhythm of your own soul

which means doing what makes you happy!

For us that is living in a way that means that adventure is part of our every day.

It means spending lots of time in


it means living in a way that’s a lot more simplistic¬†

& self sustainable.

As well as sharing travel, adventure & hiking 


we also share van life & digital nomad tips here on 

Destination Addict

all to

inspire others to explore & help them in living alternatively.

Read our adventure travel couple story, right from the start...

Not The Best Timing

We first met back in June of 2015, with our lives at the time going in completely different directions to one another. Adam, working at live festivals & music events, meant he was away from Cheshire (where we were both living) for a lot of the time & afterwards went off to work in Whistler, Canada. Kelly working as a marketing manager, building a career & planning on taking a month off towards the end of 2015 to take her first ever solo trip  all added up to it being, well, not the most ideal time to start a relationship.

Making It Work

Our first 10 months of knowing one another involved making a lot of effort to see each other in-between all of the other stuff that we both had going on. We did however make a big effort Рincluding when we were in different countries, making time to video call a lot to keep our relationship alive. With us on opposite sides of the globe, we spontaneously decided to fly all the way to New York, for a date! After some planning, we flew Рone of us from the UK & the other from Canada all the way to NYC Рwe saw snow in Central Park, we visited all of the sights that we had both always dreamed of visiting, we cherished the time we spent with each other after making so much effort to do so & that was when our relationship was well & truly solidified.

Smiles in Central Park, NYC - the start of our adventure travel couple journey
Smiles in Central Park, NYC – the start of our adventure travel couple journey

Deciding To Travel Together

After we both returned from our own adventures there was a shared sense of wanderlust between us. So, we decided that we would take the leap & quit life as we knew it to go travelling full-time. We both started to save with the aim to quit our jobs by the end of 2017. Between us, we had quite a bit of travel experience under our belts but this time it would be different for us both.

An Adventure Couple!

We both talked through our trip & with excitement started to plan what we wanted from it. We were both craving an adventure like we had never experienced before & decided that we would set ourselves the challenge of cycling in Cuba.  Not by guided tour, but just the 2 of us, with our own bikes & our own map to follow. So with a plan of roughly 6 months of travel in our heads, we booked a one way ticket to Havana, Cuba. We stopped by Toronto as that worked out best for connections & we managed to pick up a couple of second-hand bikes which we cycled all the way from Havana to Trinidad on! 

 Cycling in Cuba together - the challenge that made us stronger as a couple

Cycling in Cuba together – the challenge that made us stronger as a couple

Finding Our Groove

We soon found our groove as a travel couple through the good, the bad & the ugly our relationship went from strength to strength as by spending each day together we got to know each other inside out, we embraced the ups & the downs & truly fell in love. We spent a total of 7 weeks in Cuba which was a huge learning curve for us both, starting by learning Spanish in Havana & then cycling all the way down to Trinidad. We then soaked up the colour, food & culture of Mexico & hung out amongst the mountain clad lakes & colonial cities in Guatemala. After this we flew up to Canada to spend 6 months in Whistler, where Adam returned to his job from his winter season & we spent our time exploring the beautiful mountains, camping on Vancouver island & road tripping over to Alberta. We ended our travels in Colombia, a country full of stunning scenery & culture, & we both just loved soaking up its unique vibe.


Saying Yes!

Adam absolutely blew me away when we took a road trip for British Columbia to Alberta in Canada & visited Lake Louise in Banff. We took a hike to the Beehive, a peak which looms right over the gorgeous, bright blue, glacial fed Lake Louise & Adam asked me to marry him! The setting  could have not been any more perfect & they do say when you know, you know & boy are they right. When you find that person that makes you feel like you are top of the world & he proposes on top of the world, there is no more telling than that very moment!

About Us - Adventure Travel Couple - Destination Addict
The perfect proposal


Our Love Of Adventure

I mean we were both pretty adventurous people before we travelled together but the more our trip went on, the more adventures we seemed to find, we just couldn’t get enough of them & to be completely honest we still can’t. What we have really discovered, together is that travel & adventure is what really makes us tick & that’s what brings us to Destination Addict. We set up our adventure travel blog with the aim to share with family & friends what we were up to & now we want nothing more than to share that with anyone who is awesome enough to visit & read our blog in the hope that we pass on some inspiration for our readers to get out there & explore too!

About Us - Adventure Travel Couple - Destination Addict

Adventure Travel Blog – The Future

One question we are asked by some people is what we are going to do in the future. You know what our answer is? We are doing exactly what we want to be doing right now & we are so happy about that! Our values have shifted after travelling long-term & those material things that seemed so important before just don’t enter our minds anymore. What we value now is experience, we value adventure & our aim is to seek that out wherever we go & share as much as we can with our readers, we may not know what the “future” holds but we know for damn sure that no matter we’re going to ENJOY IT!

About Us - Adventure Travel Couple - Destination Addict
Back in the UK, enjoying adventures in Wales

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A Little More About Us And Our Love Of Travel…

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Kelly & Adam x

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