Road Trip To Niagara Falls – A Cheaper Alternative Than A Bus Tour

Road Trip To Niagara Falls – A Cheaper Alternative Than A Bus Tour

When we first arrived in Toronto, Canada we thought the best way to see Niagara Falls would be by bus tour, we took a look around & found tours for 70 CAD plus per person & then suddenly thought maybe hiring a car would be cheaper.

We looked online & a car was coming in at 29 CAD, even with insurance this was going to work out much more cost-effective so we booked it to pick up the next morning and started planning our road trip to Niagara Falls!

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Niagara Falls Road Trippin’

We collected the car, a Kia Rio 5 (small by Canadian standards) from Alamo car rental at the airport, programmed Niagara Falls into & we were off!!

It took us an hour and a half to get there from Toronto, we followed to a view-point it had pinpointed, we drove round the corner & it just came out of no-where, Niagara Falls, WOW!

The Falls

Arriving with our own car was so easy, after we had visited the view-point we were able to just drive down to the falls, park up & stroll right along the promenade to take in the magnificent falls. It was a beautifully clear, chilly winters day & to top it off there was a rainbow right over bridal veil falls when we arrived which then moved over to horseshoe falls as we were walking along, perfect for taking photos & gave us the most breathtaking views.

We stayed as long we could handle the cold, we were so happy to have a car with us, another plus to hiring one as we didn’t have to wait around before driving back.

Niagara On The Lake

On the way back we took the scenic route through Niagara On The Lake, the scenery was just stunning! The sun was starting to set over the vineyards in the area, we decided to stop off at one. We came across Peller Estates whose wine Adam knew of so stopped here, we sampled some of their wine including the Ice Wine which was really rather special & something I would definitely recommend trying if you are ever there as it is unique to the region.

We then drove through Niagara On The Lake, a beautiful town right on Lake Ontario with the most stunning sunset to end the day.

Visiting Niagara Falls – Always Look At Alternatives

When travelling on a budget you can sometimes automatically go for the option that appears to be the best deal.

You might think hiring a car in Toronto would be expensive but when the costs are split between more than one person it can actually work out cheaper & gives you more freedom. Our own Niagara Falls road trip was definitely a better choice than a tour.

We ended up paying 85.27 CAD for our car hire from Toronto to Niagara Falls, insurance & fuel as opposed to 140 CAD for a tour – I think it’s best to always look around at what you can get for your money!

Happy travels 🙂

Kelly & Adam x

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