Things To Do In Whistler When It’s Raining – Our Top 6

Destination Addict - Things To Do In Whistler When Its Raining

Whistler has endless activities and sports to do all year round but when the weather’s not on your side and it is just too drizzly to get up the hill or head out on a hike, do not fear! There are some great alternative activities and from these we have put together our top things to do in Whistler when it’s raining, there’s something here for everyone, check it out….

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1. Escape Rooms

Fancy being locked up on Pirate ship or buried in a cabin under the snow, and your only way out is to solve the puzzles and breakout!? Escape rooms offers a set of amazing adventures with the comfort of being indoors. Each scenario has a different set of puzzles for you to solve that lead you onto the next clue, to find a key, or lead you onto the next room! Some of the puzzles are harder than others but great for all the family to get involved, it was definitely one of our top things to do in whistler when it’s raining!

Escape Rooms Website

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Location – The bottom of the Whistler gondola down the stairs near in-between Misty mountain Pizza and Mcoos ski shop.

Address – 4293 Mountain Square #122, we are located at the base of Whistler Mountain, in The Hilton Resort & Spa, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, Canada

2. Scandinave Spa

Quite possibly our favourite place in and around Whistler! The spa consists of saunas, cold pools, jacuzzis, solariums, relaxing rooms, hammocks, massage rooms and even a little on site cafe where you can grab a snack or (if you are anything like us) stay the whole day and have lunch. A great place to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the village (or the city wherever your coming from). We would highly recommend taking a book and spending the whole day there. There is no talking and no phones allowed whilst you are in the Spa which really does add to the relaxed and zen vibe, from which you can feel as soon as you walk in. The hydrotherapy will make you feel a million dollars by the time you walk out! Due to its nature the Scandinave Spa is for adults 19 or over so children are not allowed just incase you were thinking of taking the family along.

Scandinave Spa Website

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Location – North out of the village on highway 99 and the next right after passing Nesters supermarket on your left.

Address – 8010 Mons Rd, Whistler, BC V0N 1B8, Canada

3. Whistler Core – Climbing Wall

Ever wondered what it would be like scaling up mountains? The climbing wall at Whistler Core is a fun and great way to learn how to climb up rock faces and use your body’s amazing strength to get you up to the top! With climbs for all abilities you will definitely be surprised at how strong you actually are and how able you are to climb up these rock faces! All equipment is available for rental as well as a full gym on site so you can definitely find some fun, or your own challenge whether it be on the climbing wall or in the gym!

Whistler Core Website

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Located – Just opposite Tapleys Neighbourhood Pub and Buffalo Bills Bar & Grill in Whistler Village.

Address – 4010 Whistler Way, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, Canada

4. Museums

Lil’ Wat Cultural Center –

Fancy an injection of First Nations Culture? The Lil’ Wat Cultural Centre museum is a great way to learn and immerse yourself in the lives of the Canadian Indigenous. Discover their history and experience what it means to be a part of the First Nations from the time they first arrived in Canada to the present day. You will certainly be enlightened learning about their beliefs, hand-made clothing, culture and crafts. Complete with cafe and awesome gift shop a great place to visit for a day out.

Lil’ Wat Website 

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Located – Just on the edge of the upper village opposite Embarc hotel.

Address – 4584 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, Canada

Whistler Museum – 

Learn about the history of Whistler from when the first settlers arrived up until the present day including a big section about when Vancouver won the Olympics in 2010 and the effect this had on the town and the surrounding area. There is also plenty of interesting information about both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains as well as the local wildlife!

Whistler Museum website

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Location – In the centre of the village right next to the library, at the back of North Face store.

Address – 4333 Main St, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, Canada

Either museum is great to visit for a few hours and really interesting to go round. Both of these definitely make our list for things to do in Whistler when it’s raining as you can’t beat a bit of culture and history!

5. Bounce Acrobat Academy

Jumping in-between trampolines, jumping off walls and flinging yourself into foam pits the Bounce Acrobat Academy is fun for both adults and kids. A great place to practice your ski or snowboard tricks as well as really great exercise, you can definitely spend a few hours if not half a day bouncing around and burning some serious energy at Bounce! A really fun trip out and most definitely in our top things to do in Whistler when it’s raining!

Whistler Bounce Website

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Location –  South on highway 99 out of Whistler village and past Creekside for a few more km’s down to function junction.

Address – Suite #100 (Function Junction), 1055 Millar Creek Rd, Whistler, BC V0N 1B1, Canada

6. Yoga

If you are anything like us and love yoga Whistler has a few yoga studios around the village and toward Creekside but our favourite was YogaCara in the centre of the village. Great little studio with a really relaxed vibe and great teachers. Classes run all day and also lookout for the Lululemon free classes every week which move to all the different studios around Whistler. Download the MindBody app for up to date class listings, times and to also book onto one of the great Yoga classes at Yogacara.

Yogacara website 

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Location – Right in the centre of the village above the Naked Sprout Cafe and opposite Brandy’s – the keg. Right near Earl’s.

Address – 4433 Sundial Pl #205, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, Canada


To Sum It Up

We hope our top things to do in Whistler when it’s raining has given you and your friends or family the inspiration to get out there even when the weather is not on your side! Whistler also boasts a lot of local stores as well as all your high street favourites – so even if you do not fancy any of these recommendations and more of a relaxed day, a wander around along with a coffee or a stop into one of the many great restaurants Whistler has to offer is also a great option. Plus before you know it you will be back up the hill for a ride or hike!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our things to do in Whistler when it’s raining!

If you have any comments or questions at all please add them just below as we’ll be more than happy to answer 🙂

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Happy adventuring until the weather gets a little better!

Adam & Kelly x

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