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Cycling Tips & Guides

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Destination Addict - Cycling in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Our Cycling Challenge – Why We Are Pedalling from Manchester, UK to Iran

/ / Cycling, Inspiration, Mental Health
A question that we keep getting asked is “why are you cycling to Iran?” Any of you that are familiar with us & our blog may know that in August of next year we have decided to take on the massive challenging of cycling from Manchester, UK all the way ...
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Destination Addict - Travel Update - We're cycling to Iran!

Travel Update – We’re cycling to Iran!

/ / Cycling, Inspiration, Travel Update
Whhaaatttt?!?!?!?!?!?! Yes, you read correctly we are cycling to Iran, to Iran from Manchester, UK - Roughly 6,500 km through 15 countries over 100 days because we love an adventure! Note from the author: This article has been written by me from my travel experience. I may recommend & provide ...
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Destination Addict - Exploration Inspiration - Why We Love Cycling

Exploration Inspiration – Why We Love Cycling

/ / Cycling, Inspiration
After fulfilling a travel dream of mine by CYCLING IN CUBA 400km from Havana all the way down to Trinidad we have both decided that cycling is definitely one of our things! If you don't already know we both love an adventure & we have discovered that having your own ...
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Destination Addict - Solo Cycle Tour In Cuba - By A Couple Of Complete Amateurs!a

Solo Cycle Tour In Cuba – By A Couple Of Complete Amateurs!

/ / Cuba, Cycling
When my boyfriend Adam & I claim we are a couple of amateur cyclists, we're really not kidding! We were completely unprepared for our cycle tour in Cuba but WE DID IT! We pushed through the kilometres (almost 400 of them) & the pain (mainly of the saddle sore variety) ...
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Destination Addict - Bike Hunting In Toronto - Not The Usual Tourist Thing To Do!

Bike Hunting In Toronto – Not The Usual Tourist Thing To Do!

/ / Canada, Cycling, Toronto
A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend Adam & I arrived in Toronto to start our big trip, we are going to start off by studying Spanish in Havana then cycle around Cuba & afterwards fly to Mexico & travel through Central America! Arriving with bags that weighed 43kg between ...
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