Facing Fears – Zip Trekking in Whistler

Zip Trekking in Whistler - Flying like an eagle on Ziptrek Ecotours Eagle Tour, British Columbia, Canada

Ever since I can remember I have had a fear of heights with bridges always being the most difficult for me, I’m not really too sure why but I have just never had complete trust in them. I grew up in Bristol in the UK, which is famous for its suspension bridge, as a child I could just not get my head around how this impressive structure stayed up there & I guess that has followed me all the way through to adulthood. Zip trekking in Whistler, Canada is something that a couple of years ago I would have never imagined trying.

As I grew up & on my travels there just seem to be more & more bridges that I come across that I have (excuse the pun!) just had to cross. Some big, others small & rickety but for me equally as scary. The first trip Adam & I took together was  to New York, we decided to cross the Brooklyn Bridge by foot whilst we were there with me clinging to him the whole way over! Despite all of this I am a firm believer of facing my fears, I have more or less conquered the bridge fear by pushing myself to get over them & have tried ziplining in the past but Ziptrek Ecotours Whistler was a whole new challenge for me. Their Eagle Tour complete with 5 zip lines, the longest  at 2,400ft would be my longest to date but I was up for it, nerves & all I was determined to do this!

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Zip Trekking In Whistler

Getting Ready

Before our tour we were given all of the information from Ziptrek on what to expect, where to meet, what to wear etc. With it being early October we were advised to wrap up warm & meet in Whistler Village, in what turned out to be a beautiful morning with a fresh covering of snow up on on the mountains that surrounded us.All of that was the easy part, it was getting myself mentally ready that was a little trickier. I am fortunate to have Adam who is as cool as a cucumber so manages to calm me down without even doing much at all. I also reminded myself that although the initial push is always the most difficult, what follows after is always worth it & in this case it really was. After all zip trekking in Whistler is something pretty awesome to do!

The Zip Lining

The first zip line we took on that day was the longest & highest one of the course & was actually a dual zip line. It was truly magical when we reached the top, after being driven up we walked across the ridge of Whistler mountain & were greeted with the most spectacular views all around us.Our guides Frankie & Shaun were great in explaining exactly what was going to happen which helped to calm my nerves somewhat, that mixed with a bit of self talk before I took my first step off the zip wire meant that I was flying like an eagle above freshly snow-covered rain forest & oh my was it worth it! The feeling was just incredible & with each zip line I gained more & more confidence, by the last one I was even able to hold our Go Pro & film myself which may sound like nothing for some but for me was a pretty big achievement!